Boat Wrap Case Studies

Just want to see photos of our work? Check out our Flickr Gallery for hundreds of before, during and after boat wrap photos.


47 foot yacht wrapped in just one day

The faded gelcoat on this Whiting 47 was in need of some TLC, so the owners opted for a vinyl hull wrap at a fraction of the cost of a professional paint job. >>


Gloss ivory wrap lifts this cat out of the ordinary

A stunning high-gloss finish in just a few days, without the need to have your boat in a shed? Yes – it’s all possible with vinyl. >>


Vinyl transforms this aluminium workhorse

How do you transform a tired-looking aluminium workhorse into a slick sea shuttle in little more than a day? With vinyl, of course! >>

Snatch vinyl boat wrap

Hull and cabin wrap on aluminium boat ‘Snatch’

We’re often asked what type of boat vinyl can be applied to, and the answer is, almost any! >>

 Clark Gable vinyl boat wrap

Full hull wrap on Beale 36 ‘Clark Gable’

Spray painting was not an option for the owners of this Beale 36, due to the restrictions of the shed they were using. >>

 Rehab vinyl boat wrap

Shaw 10.6 ‘Rehab’ goes metallic gold

With this carbon-construction race yacht in the owner’s driveway, a stunning metallic gold vinyl wrap was applied in just one day. >>

 Carino vinyl boat wrap

Vinyl gives faded ‘Carino’ a new lease of life

A vinyl wrap to the outsides of the hulls allowed this charter operator to give her boat a new lease of life, at a fraction of the cost of a paint job, and in a fraction of the time too. >>

 DV vinyl boat wrap

Vinyl wraps “definitely the way to go” for commercial vessels

Explore NZ were keen to find a cost effective and durable alternative to paint for their boats. With a wrap costing around a third of a comparable paint job, it’s no surprise they opted for vinyl. >>

 Revs vinyl boat wrap

Ross 40 ‘Revs’ carbon-effect partial wrap

Ross 40 ‘Revs’ was already painted red, and this partial vinyl wrap was designed to blend in with the existing paint. >>