Vinyl Boat Wrap Care & Repair

Caring for your vinyl boat wrap is extremely easy. Just as with a paint or gelcoat finish, you need to be careful to avoid bumps and scratches. But on the whole, it's a lot easier to keep a vinyl wrap looking like new than a paint finish or gelcoat.

Download our full care sheet - Getting the best results from your vinyl wrap

Cleaning your vinyl boat wrap

Forget buffing and polishing - all you need is soap and water to keep your vinyl boat wrap clean. Make sure you don't use any abrasive cleaners or cloths on your boat wrap, and don't use any solvents either, as this can damage the vinyl.

Haul-outs & waterblasting

High pressure waterblasting can lift the edge of your vinyl wrap and force water underneath, so make sure you (or the yard employee) take care when waterblasting, and avoid high pressure water around the waterline and vinyl edges. We also recommend that you antifoul just over the edge of your vinyl wrap to further guard against lifting or peeling.

Just like a new paint job, care should also be taken to protect your new vinyl boat wrap from cradle strops when hauling back in, and we recommend the use of proective sheets to cover Travelift strops. The boat should be well balanced in the lift so the strops don't move and 'grab' the vinyl as the boat is lifted. Any pins or fittings in the strops should be placed below the waterline so as not to damage the wrap.

Boat wrap repairs

Repairing damaged boat wraps is incredibly easy - all you need to do is cut out the damaged area and apply a patch. If applied correctly, the joins should not be easy to see unless you know they are there, or you're viewing the boat up close. And because vinyl doesn't fade, colour matching is a breeze.

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