Why vinyl wrap your boat?

Vinyl boat wrapping has so many advantages over marine painting...

Low cost

At as little as a third of the cost of a professional spray job, vinyl boat wrapping is an incredibly cost-effective alternative to marine painting.


Vinyl boat wraps can usually be done in a day or two. That means you'll massively cut down on yard time, reducing the total cost even further.

Easy care

A vinyl boat wrap is incredibly easy to care for. You can forget buffing and polishing - just use soap and water to keep your boat wrap clean.

No-fuss repairs

If your vinyl boat wrap gets scratched or dented, there's no need to re-wrap the whole hull. Most repairs can be done with a simple patch, and you can even do it yourself.


Let your imagination run wild, or brand your boat to promote your event or sponsors, with a fully customised boat wrap. We can design and print your graphics onto vinyl, to give your boat a spectacular one-of-a-kind finish.


Vinyl boat wraps are fully reversible with no damage to the paint underneath (provided the underlying paint is sound). Use vinyl wraps to protect your boat's original paint or gelcoat and maintain re-sale value, or try an 'out there' new colour without having to worry about it affecting the boat's re-sale value in future.

Long lifespan

We only use premium quality 3M vinyl for wrapping boats, which comes with up to 7-years lifespan. That means your vinyl wrap should last at least as long as a marine paint job.

Safe and eco-friendly

With no chemicals or solvents, vinyl boat wrapping is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to toxic marine paints.

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